Riga monument maintenance and restoration

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Piemineklis dzejniekam Ojāram Vācietim (1933-1983)
Dekoratīva skulptūra Mana zeme
Rīgas robežstabs

We renew, maintain and protect Riga's memoriālus, monuments, Skulptūras, Piemiņas zīmes, strūklakasand vides objektus

Riga monument agency's main task is to coordinate, plan, manage and implement activities related to the monument inventory, maintenance and rehabilitation.
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    Piemiņas zīmes
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    Vides objekti
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11. August

Day of Remembrance for Fighters for Freedom of Latvia

23. August

Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism (Latvian Occupation Act Day)

23. August

National Guard Foundation Event

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